Organizational Change Models

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As the new Manager of the Human Resources department of the Tech Division here at Custom Food and Feed Corporation (CF&F) and after discussing many subjects with various other members of my team we ended up discussing change management and how they impact the diagnostic process. The process of renewal and eternal development that helps us to prepare for change, expect change, and learn to adapt change is called evolution and is needed to continue success within our company (CTU, 2008). There are three models that we can utilize and I will discuss each one within this paper, they are: McKinsey 7-S Model, Lewin's Change Management Model, and the 5 P's Model of Pryor, White and Toombs.

Lewin formulated his idea in the 1950's, and this takes place in three steps: unfreeze, transition, refreeze (Mind Tools Ltd., 2008). People have a tendency to seek a place that they have a sense of control over as well as the feeling of being safe. They also attach their senses to the environment that they are in. Any derivations from this will cause discomfort – we, as individual find a comfort zone and cling to it. A basic tendency of people is to seek a context in which they have relative safety and a sense of control. In establishing themselves, they attach their sense of identity to their environment. This creates a comfortable stasis from which any alternatives, even those which may offer significant benefit, will cause discomfort. Talking about the future thus is seldom enough to move them from this 'frozen' state and significant effort may be required to 'unfreeze' them and get them moving. This usually requires Push methods to get them moving, after which Pull methods can be used to keep them going. The term 'change ready' is often used to describe people who are unfrozen and ready to take the next step. Some people come ready for change while others take a long time to let go of their comfortable current realities. A key part of Lewin's model is the notion that...
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