Organizational Change

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Organizational change is a process that is geared towards the pursuit of becoming better. These changes can be brought about by different factors. To fully grasp organizational change, it is a structural method that involves change in both process and concept. Change at the process level refers to the procedural shift in achieving the desired outcome, while change in content refers to the descriptions of the changes that an organization has actually undertook (Barnet & Carroll, 1995). Nine Reason’s for Organizational Change Slide 2

The need for change can be brought about by different reasons. Robert W. Swaim in his article suggested nine reasons organizations need to change. The first reasons is crisis, this can come in different form: political, social, financial, religious and the like. Second to the line is Performance Gap, this happens when the vision mission and goals of an organization is not met, then the need to do organizational change is vital. Third reason is New Technology, the advance of new technology which brings positive impact to the company can be a great reason for change. Fourth reason is Identification to Opportunities, competition in the field can bring about the need to undergo organizational change. Fifth reason is Reaction to External and Internal Pressures, management and employees can impact internal change, while clientele, competition, change in government regulations, shareholders, financial market and the like are examples of external pressure. Sixth reason is Mergers and Acquisitions, when organizations are merged or an organization is acquired or reacquired, then the need to revamp the process and content is helpful for the company. Seventh reason is Change for the Sake of Change, administration turnover can cause organizational change. New administration would most likely want to prove something and so they change for the sake of change. Eight reason happens when new engineering fads bloom...
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