Organizational Benefits

Topics: Enterprise architecture, Computer forensics, The Open Group Architecture Framework Pages: 6 (1955 words) Published: October 17, 2011
1. What are the primary organizational benefits that can be gained through a successful knowledge management program? The impact of a successful knowledge management program can be seen in terms of new and better product developments, higher customer satisfaction, reduce in input cost, higher productivity etc. There are many organizations who achieve all these without having a formal knowledge management program.

How might you attempt to justify investment in a knowledge management project? Planning the project based on using a system analysis approach will facilitate having a good base to the firm’s knowledge project. The reason for this is that the users who will use the system are involved in the planning process and it helps to identify what they need and want as far as what information will help them to perform their job

2. Visit the web sites of two enterprise search software firms that provide e-discovery capabilities. Write a brief report that compares strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of the two software providers. Which do you think offers the best solution and why? Clearwell is great product. It provides legal professionals in corporations, government agencies, and law firms with a wide range of features needed to rapidly conduct privilege and responsive review. The software supports hundreds of concurrent reviewers and scales to support the smallest or largest cases. Users benefit from one seamless application that supports the entire e-discovery lifecycle, eliminates the need to create load files, and enables a truly iterative e-discovery workflow. Clearwell software can be used form e-discovery platform from iPhone or iPad useres. With iClearwell, users of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform can instantly access, configure, and view the status of cases and servers while on the go. You can manage the list of cases on each server; monitor processing status and statistics for all cases; start, stop, or view the status of any task, such as production or backup tasks; and even email log files. You can view system-specific settings such as the cases, tasks, and users on each server and also view case-specific settings such as data sources, tasks, users, and productions. Best of all, the iClearwell user interface is simple and easy to use – just like the Clearwell E-Discovery. Clearwell won the 2010 Platform Award for best in Electronic Discovery

AccessData Enterprise would be the software I would use for my company. Many of the companies software is very similar but what I think separates AccessData is Forensic Toolkit. Forsensic Toolkit is recognized around the world as the standard in computer forensics software. This court-validated digital investigations platform delivers cutting-edge computer forensic analysis, decryption and password cracking all within an intuitive and customizable interface. This program is built for speed, analytics and enterprise-class scalability. Known for its intuitive interface, email analysis, customizable data views and stability that each company that uses this product could grow into it. AccessData Enterprise delivers state-of-the-art incident response capabilities, deep dive analysis of both volatile and static data, as well as superior threat detection capabilities – all within an easy-to-use interface. Preview, search, acquire and analyze multiple machines across the enterprise with the most advanced computer forensics and incident response technology on the market. Like Clearwell they have access through mobile devices and tablets but unlike Clearwell they are not limited to Apple (IPhone/IPad) products they can be utilized and most mobile carriers. In the analysis field, it allows you to conduct onsite phone acquisitions and preview all data available on supported handsets, including the embedded file systems. Having this information immediately available for on-scene triage will save time for the examiner back at the lab, while also immediately securing the...
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