Organizational Behaviour- Case Study Zain Nigeria

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ZaiN Nigeria Introduction

A firm‘s organizational structure refers to its formal system of task and reporting relationship controls, co-ordination and motivation that employee are encouraged to work together to achieve organizational goals. It is a pattern of interaction and co-ordination that links technology tasks and human components of the organization to ensure that the organization accomplishes it purpose. (Andrzej A Huczynski, David A.Buchanan, 2007) .Organizational structure allows the expressed allocation of responsbilities for different functions and processes to differrent entites. Employing of individuals in an organizatuonal structure normally is contracted either timely or untimely basis.while process are aimed at optimizing the ration of effort and iput into output.. ( Micheal Aiken ;Sammuel B.Bacharach;J.Lawerence French, 1980) (W.Fredrickson, 1986) . Zain Nigeria is a member of Zain group which pioneered mobile telecommunication in the Middle East and is now a major player on the African Continent. It began operations in 1983 in Kuwait as the region’s first mobile operator. In 2003 Zain initiated the 3x3x3 expansion strategy and it has rapidly expanded, and now a leading mobile and data service operator with commercial footprint in 23 Middle East and African countries. With over 15,000 Employees providing range of services to over 64.7Million active individual and business customers (March 31, 2009). The organizational vision is “To be a global wireless operator by 2011through a 3x3x3 profitable expansion “. The strategy will make Zain a global player in three stages, regional, international and global with each stage completed in three years. Zain strategy focus to achieve this vision is combining value creation and internal growth from existing operation with aggressive expansion into new geographies. .To pursues this strategy Zain is building on four strategic elements. 1. Mass Market focus and segmented customer strategy.

2. Competitive positioning and differentiation strategy
3. High-value technology strategy
4. Company management strategy.

Organizational Structure of Zain Nigeria
Econet Nigeria (Renamed Zain) was founded by a group of institutional and private investors as well as three state governments. It made history on August 5, 2001 by becoming the first telecoms operator to launch commercial GSM services in Nigeria. In 2006, following Celtel International’s acquisition of majority stake in the company, it was re-branded Celtel and became a major income generator among Celtel’s pan-African operations spanning 14 countries. On August 1, 2008 Celtel Nigeria was rebranded Zain Nigeria following the global acquisition of Celtel International by MTC Group, which transformed to Zain Group, Zain Nigeria which currently covers over 1500 towns and 14000 communities across the six geopolitical zones of the country, with market share of 34% & 17 Million subscribers and revenue of about $1.58 billion as at end of year 2008 with 2000 employee. In describing the structure of Zain Nigeria which is grouped by Geography and functional based. The former is based on the need to ensure that the company can respond to the need of the customer in the various locations, and the latter on specialization into units and departments. [pic]

The Figure1 above depicts the Zain Group structure:
The organization structure is a tall hierarchy with Group CEO over seeing operation across all countries the CEO Africa who reports to the Group CEO directs African operations and strategy with CEO & COO Nigeria responsible for Nigeria. Each COO oversee s a region in Africa (COO west Africa with responsibility for countries like Mali, Ghana, Sierra Leone) but because of the sheer size of operations in Nigeria in terms of customer number, and revenue the country was grouped into a regions. The Old structure of Zain Nigeria is as shown below. [pic]


The figure 2 above depicts the new...
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