Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Management, Employment, High school Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: May 28, 2013
At O Grandy, following are the concepts of Organizational Behavior practiced and followed. They are, the organization was decentralized, the work culture was very conducive, organization was more informal in approach, as the job had met personal goals and expectations perfectly Quality of work life was high. The corporate Culture was easygoing. The firm was decentralized, allowing its managers considerable autonomy and freedom.. Supportive leadership style and high employee motivation. But Tony experienced a different culture at Recce. This organization is bureaucratic in approach, with out motivation and with centralized structure. There was no harmony and cooperation from peers, superiors and subordinates. < TOP >

7. Tony should learn to work environment, which is in contrary to the earlier. Change in is a continuous process in any organization probably the present organization has not identified the importance of change. But it is inevitable; in the long run organizations have to undergo change. Tony should observe the norms of the new company and should try to bring change in the new organization by interacting with the top management. He should educate the top management the significance of motivation, Quality of work life, decentralization etc. This initiative may land Tony in trouble as well. But the change should be slow and steady. < TOP >

8. It is difficulty to find an Ideal work place. In this modern world change is inevitable. Organizations without change cannot survive in this competitive world. The change is initiated either by the employers or the employees. So, no work place may is ideal for all the time or throughout the career as change is persistent. One should judge the competitive advantage of change and train oneself for change. An employee should always change himself according to the circumstance and develop his skills, caliber and knowledge to meet the change. He should be mentally prepared for change to cope up with...
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