Organizational Behaviour

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1) List the various reasons in Organization xyz , which lead to its development?

A) Following are the reasons which lead the organization to its development,

Timely Delivery:

One of the main reason for the development of the organization, XYZ's main focus was on the timely delivery of the products with strategic expertise in individual centres. Voice of the customer was heightened than compared to the voice of the employee.

Technology and Procedures:

Usage of latest and quality technology and procedures lead to quality production of the organization, generating revenues was also on priority based on the technology and business area's selecting the projects were impacting. Selectivity of projects and customer demand resulted in faster delivery.

Short-term Projects:

To retain its strong premier position in the market, the pressure made the organization to focus on short-term revenues. Less effort were put on the medium and long-term market. No much effort was put on new products and building up knowledge. Relationship Managers largely tended to focus on obtaining short-term projects – there was lesser investment on aligning to long-term objectives of customers

Branding and PR:

Image building endeavours were not the area of focus until 2002, Organization had greater difficulty in terms of attracting quality talent, which aggravated stress on the performers of the organization. By the year 2002, management aligned more closely with the customer, business which helped the organization to develop in all round the market.

2) If the organization had not invested in its employee, would they have developed?

A) The organization has planned to make sure that the every side of the coin is turned over for the development of the organization. Introducing the following techniques has really benefited the organization, such as Dr.De Bono’s techniques were introduced and employees were trained on these...
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