Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Mercedes-Benz, Automobile, Automotive industry Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: December 29, 2012
Management Consulting/international case : the restructuring of daimler-benz and global car industry Advertisement
Expert: Leo Lingham - 10/4/2012

Questions:1) What is your assessment of Daimler-Benz's operations in many different fields? 2) Should the various groups operate autonomously? What kinds of activities should be centralized? 3) Daimler-Benz is best known for its Mercedes-Benz cars. Why do you think Daimler bought AEG in the first place and why did it venture into the Aerospace and Inter Services businesses? 4) Given the apparent mistakes in acquiring non-automotive businesses, what should Jurgen Schrempp do now?

Questions:1) Prepare a profile of the potential buyer of the Lexus. 2) What should Mercedes and BMW do to counteract the Japanese threat in the United States and Europe? 3) Why has the Lexus model been very successful in the U.S. but has not been marketed in Japan?(Suggestion: Review the frequency of repair records of luxury cars. Also talk to Lexus dealers or Lexusowners). 4) Do you think Lexus will succeed in Japan? Why or why not ? 

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1)  What is your assessment of Daimler-Benz's operations in many different fields? 

Daimler-Benz, with more than 300,000 employees worldwide, consisted of four major groups: The first, by far the biggest and most successful group, was Mercedes-Benz with about 200,000 employees. It is best known for its passenger cars and commercial vehicles.  [THIS  BUSINESS  UNIT  HAS  THE  CORE  COMPETENCE  AND   HENCE  VERY   SUCCESSFUL. -------------------------------------------------------------- The second was the AEG Daimler-Benz industries in...
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