Organizational Behaviour

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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The report of case 1: Managing Motivation in difficult Economy From this scenario, the managing are gave opportunity to assess a motivational program designed to re-energize a troubled company’s workforce. Acting on behalf of the company’s executive board, you’ll evaluate the board’s current strategy based on survey data and also advise board members about improving the effectiveness of this program based on five option management system and motivation in organizations. The managing systems have five program and their methods. From there, we can consider the independent and dependent variable for each program. Program I essentially is about opting out of the ideas set forth by the HR team, in essence, continuing to stay the course, where information is not shared with the employee and opportunities for participation are excluded. Out of 299 stores, 83 chose this method. Program II is based on the management approach of sharing information about absences and sick leave and its impact on store operations, giving the employees an opportunity to act on things they can control. This program was selected by 27 stores. Program III is based on the sharing of information of sales and inventory without measuring the impact of absence and sick leave of employees. This method was selected by 35 stores. Program IV is more comprehensive combining Program II and III and includes weekly brainstorming sessions, in which employees make suggestion to improve sales and performance. This method was selected by 67 stores. Program V has brainstorming sessions in which employees are can make suggestion and state their ideas, without sharing other information. This method was selected by 87 stores. There are many independent variables in this case or experiment such as individual management styles, demographics of the store region, employee satisfaction, and employee tenure and employee age. In each of these programs, the independent variable is mostly the employee. The dependent variable or the results of the program will be directly related to the input that the employees receive in terms of their purpose in the company. Based on independent and dependent variable we would also like to see the study or experiment measure “net profit” after monthly staff time cost has been subtracted. Furthermore, we would like to see them measure “net profit” as a percentage compared to turnover rates as well as average number of employees per program chosen to coincide with the mean rate of turnover per program. In addition, we would like to see a monetary figure applied to costs associated to recruitment, selection, and training to better assess the overall picture of Turnover Rate versus Net Profit. The most effective method is Program IV had an employee turnover rate of 17%, the lowest of all methods, but the cost of implementation was the most expensive of all at $3,420, and that will mean a reduction of net profits for the 67 stores that chose it. By analyzing the graph to the right, and the other data, it is clear the most effective method appears to be Program V as it provides the biggest profit-to-cost ratio with a second best turnover rate, which is justifiable with this method’s “net profit”. The least effective ones are Method I, II, and III as they do not provide considerable “net profit” compared to turnover rates. The number stores in each Program set ranges from 27 to 87, but this does not influence our conclusion. Majority in anything does not mean it is “right” only that it is simply the majority. Although, in this experiment the majority is aligned with our conclusion that Program V is the most beneficial due to having the highest net profit and low turnover rate.By having the managers selecting the program, it introduces bias into the experiment or study and affects the results with objectivity errors. Diversity of methodology tends to create diversity of results. Nonetheless, by having the managers choose, it empowers them and personally...