Organizational Behaviour

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Assignment 3

Chapter 7, critical thinking question nº 6: Suppose that you were put in charge of a virtual team where each member is located in different cities around the country or region. What tactics could you use to build and maintain team trust, as well as minimize the decline in trust that often occurs in teams?

Virtual teams are a consequence of the extraordinary evolution on the information technologies and also of the increase in the knowledge-based work methods. Due to the globalization process, these two facts play a very important role in the world market and the companies had to adjust their approach to this new reality.

The virtual team’s management has a very complex and different approach when comparing to other types of teams due mainly to the fact of the team members are far from each other and all the team issues are harder to manage by the team leader. Thus, in my opinion there are some crucial facts that have to be present in the characteristics and procedures of a virtual team obviously besides the ability of the team members to communicate easily through information technologies and the quality of these technologies.

First of all is crucial to establish team norms according to the specific characteristics of the work and the team, respecting time constraints and the values and objectives of the company. About the members they should have a strong personality, higher emotional intelligence and strong communication skills in order to be easier to manage the relationships between team members and to provide more independence. Despite the virtual character of the team, I think that a good method to maintain the quality of the process and effectiveness of the team is to provide face-to-face meetings every month. This fact has a strong importance not only on the maintenance of the team trust and cohesion but also to the reinforcing of team norms (adapt the team norms to the real characteristics of the team in a certain period) and to...
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