Organizational Behaviors Analysis in ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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The movie ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ is a good resource for the organizational behaviors analysis. And I will focus on the ‘Teams’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Personality’ to analysis some facts in this movie. First I will focus on the teams of Ocean’s thirteen. The team is a highly organized and efficient team. I think they perform all 3 kinds of typical tasks which include production tasks, decision-making tasks and creativity tasks. And the team is comprehensive interdependence as all its members’ work will affect each other and also affects the outcome of their whole job. And although the members of Ocean’s thirteen include people with different race, ethnicity, age, personality, interests, knowledge, skills and abilities, but they have similar core value. And although they have a great chance to have relational conflict which may cause a very bad result, they surprisingly get along with each other and easily cooperate with each other. Here are some examples about Ocean thirteen’s teamwork. The team of Ocean’s thirteen has 2 plans. The first plan was to prevent the Bank’s hotel from winning the prestigious ‘Five Diamond Rating Prize’ and the second plan was to rig the casino’s slot machines and other games’ machines in the casino to let the players win more than $500 million in total across the casino in order to force Willy Bank to give up the control of that casino to the board. For their first plan, Saul acted as the fake reviewer for ‘Five Diamond Rating Prize’ and they bribed an ambitious concierge called Debbie to treat the real reviewer badly and led the real reviewer into a room that other 2 members of Ocean’s thirteen had already sabotaged. And they also gave money to a waiter to let that waiter tell the real reviewer that he could not enjoy a meal at an Italian restaurant which was actually empty at that time because he did not reserve for a seat. And that waiter also advised the real reviewer to go to a Chinese-Sichuan restaurant called ‘Ling Su’. And then the real...
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