Organizational Behavior: Self-Assessment

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Organizational Behavior|
Self Assessment #2|

Rochester Institute of Technology|

I describe myself as a caring person who likes to be a likeable person. People always consider me as a laidback and nonjudgmental person. Compared to the surrounding environment in Alabama, I seem to be a free spirited and liberal person. I tend not to dress nor act like a traditional southerner except in manners. I took one of the personality tests from the website to analyze and apply the results to my lifestyle. The MOTIV personality test results were very interesting. I scored the highest in the offbeat and intimate categories. I scored a 84% in the Intimate category which means that serving others makes me happy. The potential risk for scoring high in this category is being taken advantage of and ignoring self. This result is very true when it comes to my personality. With conflict resolution, I often ignore my feelings just to make the other person happy. I do this to avoid drama as well. With negotiation, I used to let people have a better deal than me. My friends used to take advantage of me since I was so easy to take advantage of. I would let them borrow my car often and they would not even keep it clean. It was trashed with McDonald’s food often from their late night trips there with my car. When my friend broke my throttle line while speeding with my car, I decided to stop letting my friends drive my car. My friend didn’t even care about what happened to my car and told other people this. I do find this to be a huge flaw in my personality. I am getting better at learning how to stand up for myself and not let people take advantage of me easily. I was also extremely passive when something bothered me. When I started dating my girlfriend two years ago, I would keep things that bothered me about her to myself. I would always have a breaking point and dump all the things I didn’t like on her at once. I realized that I couldn’t hold my feelings in like that—I need...
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