Organizational Behavior-Emotion

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Organizational Behavior-Emotion

By | October 2012
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6. We belief that there is no place for emotions in today’s rational, task-oriented work environments. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? If based on my own opinion, I agree that in today’s rational and task-oriented work environment, there is really no place for emotion. This is because if you are rational, you should be able to control and handle your own emotion well. In addition, negative emotions can hinder and affect one’s job performance. So, in a task-oriented work environment, you have no time to be emotional. The time is just enough for you to think and trigger out the way to complete and make the task success. Besides that, we have to avoid our emotion like anger, fear or stress from shown on our face. For example, if a business person’s face look angry and look like not willing to do, do u think the customer dare and will do business with you? No, you will just chase the customer away because your first impression to them is you look angry and make them feel uncomfortable. Hence, we should always handle and control our emotion and show a smiling face to everyone no matter to the customer, your colleagues and employees and so on because in my opinion first impression is very important.

But if based on organizational behavior courses, I disagree with this statement because organizational behavior courses said that emotions have a profound effect on almost everything we do in the workplace. Emotions are physiological, behavioral, and psychological episodes experienced toward an object, person, or event that create a state of readiness. From what I learn in organizational behavior courses, emotions are experience and differ from mood because emotions are directed toward someone or something. When we experience some emotion like joy, fear or anger toward task or customer, there will changes in our physiological state and psychological state. These changes will put us in a state of readiness and awareness of a threat or opportunity in the...

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