Organizational Behavior Discussion Questions

Topics: Motivation, Trader Joe's, Grocery store Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Chapter 5 Discussion Questions

1. How much of Trader Joes’ success can be attributed to the fact that most larger chain grocery stores do not sell the type of food available at Trader Joe’s?

This can partially be attributed to their success. The case study focused more on the staff of Trader Joes and their positive work environment adding to the overall customer service experience that has become as strong element of Trader Joe’s success. The opening of the case study even suggests that most customers can’t complete their shopping list at Trader Joes but still leave the store “satisfied.”

2. Is pay enough of an incentive to continue at a job you do not enjoy?

No, pay is not enough incentive to continue at a job you do not enjoy. Pay is only one factor that works in conjunction with many other factors to determine whether or not a person is motivated enough to continue on at a job that they do not enjoy, or even at a job that they do enjoy. Motivation is a key element in job satisfaction. Without the motivating stimulus of hygiene factors other than salary, or a combination of other motivators there would be very little incentive to continue on at a job a person does not enjoy.

3. Trader Joe’s promotes entirely from within the organization. This means that if you are a good, dedicated worker, you can rise up within the company. Do you feel employees would be as dedicated to the company if this were not the case? Would high pay be enough to keep employees? What if the company only promoted from within but pay were not as good?

Internal promotion is definitely a motivating factor within any business. The potential for advancement is a key motivating factor. Working for a company that exclusively promotes from within creates dedication and loyalty among workers at every level within the organization. No, I do not think that high pay would be enough to keep employees. Without promotion and increased responsibilities the tendency for...
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