Organizational Behavior: Capacity Building with Knowledge Management in a Large Company

Topics: Evaluation, Organizational studies and human resource management, Organization Pages: 6 (1004 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Capacity Building

Hellriegel, D., & Slocum, J. W. (2011). Organizational behavior (13th ed.). Mason, OH: South- Western Cengage Learning.

Capacity Building involves organizational human capital, intellectual property, organizational history, and capital resource capabilities. The organizational capacity for change and leadership strategic direction to influence chance the ability to evaluate tactics crucial related to policy s and implementation. In congruence, studies by Hellriegel & Slocum (2011) discuss how organizational structure affects organizational capacity and decision, and subsequently influences organizational motivation and attitudes.

• Build a knowledge management system that allows organization: 1) find information, 2) acquire knowledge and 3) develop expertise

• Build capacity of individual contributors and collective teams to serve the interest of organizational change.

• Promote organizational self-assessments to encourage self-directed learning.

Develop Principles & Best Practices

Best Practices in Capacity Building Approaches

Capacity Building entails the process of improving individual skills and abilities, ensuring organizational productive growth and creating organizational optimize utilization of human, financial, and capital resources for achieving employees, and organizational goals (GTZ, 2009).

Capacity Building approached with a holistic system framework, should include;

• Assessment of tools requirement to gain insight into areas of organizational strength and opportunities for targeted improvement

• Execute strategic decision-making to inform the development of action plans

• Encourage communication among company’s executives, staff and employees, defining duties and job responsibility.

• Evaluate measures of economic and interpersonal progress and celebrate accomplishments.

Best Practices

Best-Practices in Network Resources

• Knowledge management system to utilize organizational resources for training, development and learning shared among organizational colleagues with the goal for continuous capacity building of expertise to improve outcomes and increase probability for growth.

• Development strategies based upon desired outcome learning objectives

• Web-based resource libraries

• Downloadable resources / tools/Appls

• Learning organization platforms and social networks applications

• Customized training, development and learning

• Research and publications internal/external

• Assessment tools for network data security

• Network Resources for partners to interconnect via Internet

Core Competency

Ethics Competency and Accountability

Organizational competencies should build and identify challenging opportunity for their employees’ are fundamental to organizational effectiveness and its ability to achieve its goals. Employees’ ethics include knowledge of governance, administrative and human resource policies established with clear expectations for effective performance evaluation

• Adopt policies/standards to promote ethical practices and accountability in the organization.

Evaluation of Capacity Building

Evaluation of Capacity Building Activities: Accommodating diverse clients’ needs in evaluation capacity building: A case study of the Tobacco Control

Evaluation of Capacity Building, an exercise in developing organizational evaluation skills and knowledge of some, or all, of the organization's staff, with a view to increasing their ability to undertake high-quality projects and programs. Evaluation of Capacity...
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