Organizational Behavior Assignment on Conflict and Negotiations

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Section A: Group 7

Conflict at the work-place
The following incident took place during my stint as an Assistant Systems Engineer in Tata Consultancy Sevices Ltd. We worked as a team of 14 in the ERP domain. The size being quite large compared to the other teams in the unit, conflicts within the team members were witnessed quite frequently. This incident occurred when we were in the middle of deploying an update of the ERP. The update meant long office hours in order to look out for disruption of services in the transition phase. This also meant that the general mood within the team was restlessness and members were irritated at the slightest pretext. During once such long night at the office, I found out that one of the 5 members in the team (the others being female, or staying too far from office, were excused) who were supposed to be on their toes in their cubicles watching out for any abnormal behaviour in the transition, was conveniently dozing off, while another was frequently out of the office space, talking on the phone. This went on for about a week or so. As the workload increased because of almost non-performing colleagues, the dissatisfaction among the 3 of us was very high. We were having a tough time dealing with this as we had already casually mentioned their attitudes in order for them to be on the job. Beyond a fortnight, nobody was willing to take the situation lightly and we decided to confront them directly. We approached them stating, in factual terms, the consequences of their actions, and the corresponding adverse affects it is having on us. They took the matter very casually and defended themselves by saying that in spite of everything, they made sure that there is well done, which was not at all the case. Having no other option, we took the matter to the higher management and explained the situation to them. They apparently understood the problem and pacified us by...
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