Organizational Behavior and Terminology Concepts

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  • Published : December 4, 2007
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Organizational Behavior and Terminology Concepts
In my opinion in today's competitive environment, the successes of any organization with any kind of management or leadership structure still depend on its behavior. In fact, organizational behavior is the behavior of its people, not the behavior of itself. In the same token, understanding the principal of organizational behavior is not only important for everyone but also for the management teams and leadership as well. Organizational Behavior is defined in our text as, "As we have already emphasized, OB is focused on organizations and what happens inside them. This is important, because organizations are a key part of modern society." (Hitt and Miller, 2006, p.16) in addition, the complicity of today's aggressive market, organizations must study, understand, learn and apply the varied behaviors if they don't want to be buried by their competitors. As result, this paper will discuss and define some of the more common key concepts and terminology such as cultures, diversity, communication and business ethics in corporate America.

To begin with, "To arrive at a useful and meaningful definition of organizational behavior, let's first look at what an organization is. An organization is a collection of people who work together to achieve a wide variety of goals. Individual goals are what people are trying to accomplish for themselves—earning a lot of money, helping promote a worthy cause, achieving certain levels of power and prestige, enjoying a satisfying work experience, and so on." (George and Jones, 2005, p.3) In addition, as we all know in today's high demands business world, in order to be successful, organizations must have a good understanding of how their organization behaves. This could be the behavior of employees within the organization or organization by itself. In any case those behaviors will determine the success or failure of that organization. Therefore, by studying this behavior, employees...
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