Organizational Behavior and Its Key Concepts

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  • Published : September 27, 2008
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Organization Behavior and its Key Concepts

To understand organizational behavior you must understand its key concepts and terminology. Organizational behavior “is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes and organizational dynamics.” (Schermerhorn, 2005 p. 3). An organization’s behavior is significant in determining its success as a business and with its employees. Working conditions, production and employee performance are all elements of organizational behavior. Organizational behavior has become an important element in the realignment taking place within Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA). GSUSA is in the midst of a major realignment where they have combined over 300 councils into 109 councils. The purpose of the realignment is “to pull Girl Scouts together as one integrated, unified leadership movement for girls . . . it’s easier to do that with fewer parts.” (Hrywna, 2007 para. 7). Through realigning they hope to enhance the organization’s behavior by building stronger community relationships, and united organizational and social objectives. The Girl Scouts of Northern California (GSNC) is one of the over one hundred councils that make up GSUSA – a private non profit organization. GSNC was formerly five separately functioning councils. Their challenge through the realignment is to bring together the five entities into one cohesive culture.

Within every organization exists a unique culture of shared beliefs and values that guide members toward a common goal. The organizational culture is apparent in their mission or vision statements. These statements set the tone and direction of their culture. The Girl Scout Mission: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place, is further supported by the GSNC vision: Dedicated to Preparing Girls for Life! The Girl Scout culture is made up of individuals (adult...
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