Organizational Behavior and Concepts

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts
Organizational Behavior is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations (Clark, 1998). Members of the Corcoran Police Department as well as law enforcement in general subscribe to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. Originally written in 1957 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Code of Ethics has only seen one revision, which occurred in 1989 and was adopted in 1991 as the official code of law enforcement. As a law enforcement officer, society expects your professional life as well as your personal life to remain without question. Although law enforcement officers are still human beings, the organization of law enforcement as well as society places you on a pedestal expecting your conduct to be of a higher standard. A law enforcement officer is expected to lead a life while on duty to protect and preserve life and property, to protect those that cannot protect themselves while protecting the constitutional rights of all whether a criminal or a victim. While off duty, you are charged in keeping your personal life personal and without blemish, in a manner, which will not discredit yourself or your agency. Personal feelings, beliefs, prejudices, or friendships should ever influence the decision to enforce the law equally. Culture is the conventional behavior of a society that encompasses beliefs, customs, knowledge, and practices. It influences human behavior, even though it seldom enters into their conscious thought (Clark, 1998). The chief of police is ultimately in control of the agency. Through his delegates and command staff, the functions of day-to-day law enforcement exist. The chief passes through his administrative staff the mission and directives for the department. From the command staff to the support staff those missions and directives...
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