Organizational Behavior

Topics: Evidence, Scientific evidence, Late-2000s recession Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: March 8, 2012
The Global Recession and Workplace Malfeasance
Question No. 1
Does this case prove economic downturns and company layoffs fail to lead to workplace malfeasance? Why or why not? Answer:
The case proves that economic downturns and company layoffs does not lead to workplace malfeasance. As the print media shows that violence has increased during recession. The Times of London reported that U.S. job losses were directly linked to 58 fatalities in eight incidents during one month in 2009. It was a single case and there may be other causes of this incident. Another example mentioned in the case is the survey from 400 employees asked in 2008 whether the recession has caused a recent rise in thefts of money among employees, 18 percent said yes, 41 percent said no and 41 percent were unsure. It shows a very little minority consider that theft is up.

Question No. 2
Does the case prove we can learn nothing from the business press? Answer:
No, the case does not prove that we can learn nothing from the business press. We can learn about the current issues from the business press but we have to analyze the situation carefully. We read different articles, but we do not confirm it either this information is accurate or not. This may be true but sometime not, we should focus on the source of this information which is most important thing. There would be many chance of manipulate the data to give some kind of favor to someone. We can learn so many things from the business press, it’s always valuable for us but we should need to focus on the source and ethnicity of data to spread it out to others. Question No. 3

Does this chapter provide any clues for how you can be an informed consumer of business news on OB issues?

Yes, this chapter gives a many type of clues first the systematic study, which means to make reasonably accurate predictions. When we talk about the systematic system, we mean looking at relationships, attempting to attribute cause and effects...
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