Organizational Behavior

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  • Published: December 25, 2011
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Chapter Three: Managing Communications
Incident: A Breakdown in Communications
Linda Barry, a single mother with three children, was hired as an order-entry clerk for a trucking firm. Her first two weeks on the job were spent in a special class from 8 A. M. to 4 P.M., where she learned how to sort, code, and enter the orders on the computer. An instructor worked with her constantly at first, and then less frequently as she gained skill and confidence. Linda was happy to have the job and enjoyed her work schedule. When the training was completed, she was told to report to the order-entry department the following Monday. When she was first employed, either Linda failed to read and understand the printed information about her regular work schedule or perhaps the recruiter forgot to tell her that she was to fill a spot in a special shift that worked from 4 P. M. until noon. In any case, Linda failed to report to work on the early schedule on the first day of regular work. When she did arrive at 8 A.M., her supervisor criticized her for lack of responsibility. Barry responded by saying that she could not work the early shift because she had to prepare her children for school, and she threatened to resign if she could not work on the later shift. Because of heavy work load and a difficult labour market, the supervisor needed Linda to do the job, yet had no room for her in the 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. shift Questions

1. Analyze the communication blockage in this case. Discuss ideas such as upward and downward communication, listening, realistic job previews, feedback and inference. 2. Explain how you would handle the employment situation at the end of the case. what ideas from the chapter could be applied to help resolve this problem?

Chapter: Social System and organizational Culture
Incident: Liberty Construction Company
Liberty Construction Company is a small company in Golorado. Over a half its revenue is derived from the installation of underground water and power line, so much of its work is seasonal and turned over among its employees is high. Michael Federico, a college student, had been employed by Liberty as a backhoe operator for the last three summers. On his return to work for the fourth summer, Federico was assigned the second newest of the company’s five backhoes. The owner reasoned that the Federico had nine months of work seniority, so according to strict seniority, he should have the second backhoe. This action required the present operator of the backhoe. This action required the present operator of the backhoe, Pedro Alvarez, a regular employee who had been with the company seven months, to be reassigned to an older machine. Alvarez was strongly dissatisfied with this; he felt that as a regular employee he should have trained the newer machine instead of having to give it to a temporary employee. The other employees soon fell into two camps, one supporting Alvarez and one supporting Federico. Job conflicts arose, and each group seemed to delight in causing work problems for the other group. In less than a month Alvarez left the company. Question

Discuss this case in terms of the social system, Equilibrium, the psychological contract, role, status ad status symbols.

Chapter Six: Appraising and Awarding Performance
Incident: Plaza Grocery
Brad Holden was the executive vice president for Plaza Grocery, a family-owned chain of six grocery stores in a medium-size metropolitan area. The current problem he was facing dealt with stack clerk/carryout workers in the stores. Despite paying them the usual wage rate (the minimum federal hourly wage), he had trouble obtaining enough applicants for the job. Worse still, many of them seemed to lack motivation once he hired them. This situation created problems of empty shelves and slow service at the checkout lanes. In an attempt to solve a problem, Brad met with small groups of workers to get their ideas. He also consulted with a local expert on compensation...
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