Organizational Behavior

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Value Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Virginia International University
MBA 513 Organizational behavior and HR management

Assignment #1

Abdelhakim Haddadi

September 29th 2011

Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics? Personal differences and preferences impact organizational ethics in three ways: First, the integrity, responsibility, compassion and forgiveness are probably the most important personal differences can indeed impact organizational ethics, as the human nature does not automatically tend to be ethical, and personal feelings are often a major part of the decision making process. In these terms, once his integrity is considered to be affected, any employee’s ethical views will be affected too if the person who hurt him is involved. The same thing goes for responsibility, as being held responsible for any action makes the doer think about respecting its ethical aspect, or even when it comes to compassion or forgiveness that can for example keep an employee from blowing the whistle on some frauds just because he is compassionate or because he considers that forgiveness is a higher value. Hence, this is to enhance how any behavior to be is depending on all those principles. On the other hand, all the principle a person can hold such as : the hedonist principle, might-equals-right principle, organization interests principle …etc are also key drivers for any decision making, and would affect ethical values if a person leans on them more than he is required to. This is to say that ethics can be beaten by a driving incentive, and as an example for that organization sometimes prefer to do what is best for them rather than following the ethical path they should follow. Companies like Enron are a perfect case study. However, these principles can also be side by side with ethics and can help respecting the ethical values in some other cases. Therefore, the consideration of each of these areas is necessary when developing a strong and...
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