Organizational Behavior

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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MT302: Organizational Behavior
Kaplan University School of Business Sharon Betts Unit 8

Professor Keith Wade March 25, 2013

The method I would use for communication to my employee would be through e-mail. I would start out with the purpose of my e-mail and make sure it is very clear that James has a bad attitude and something needs to be done to change it. Sometimes as managers they sometimes forget to tell their employees what a great asset they are to the company. James Dion needs to know how important he is to the team and the organization. He is contributing to the team but if his attitude continues it is going to affect the rest of the team and this could put us behind schedule. My e-mail will professional and brief because if I make a long e-mail he could lose interest in reading the whole letter and miss good points. As marketing manager it is my duty to find out why his attitude is the way it is and how we can solve this issue as soon as possible. I need to keep my message focused. I know when I get an e-mail I glance at it and if something looks important I will not read the rest of it. I need to make sure I keep James focused on what I have written to him so that he can respond back to me in a timely manner. So for me to keep his attention I will either number my concerns or use bullets and this will give James a chance to address everyone of my concerns and keep him focused. I plan to be kind to James because showing any kind of anger is not going to solve the problem that we are having. If I can make him see that I am concerned about what is bothering him he might open up to me and then we can take care of the issues together. Of...
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