Organizational Behavior

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Organizational studies Pages: 6 (2375 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Organizational Behavior Case Study Analysis

Managing an organization has never been an easy task. There are always hurdles that the mangers of the organization have to go through in order to effectively manage an organization. The mode of management in an organization determines the culture of the organization. On the other hand, the culture determines the organizational behavior within the establishment. This essay looks at the manner of handling organizational behavior using a case study.

Organizational Behavior Case Study Analysis
All over the world, there are people looking for job openings. Year in year out, the universities, colleges and other institutions of higher learning do churn out graduates who are qualified in various fields. Once these people hit the job market, they are usually eager to land their first jobs. They also have much zeal in looking for job placements. On being hired, these individuals are usually very productive in the first months of their tenure. The theory of diminished returns then seems to apply where the employees lose their zeal for work and in some cases even quit from their job placements. An investigation into organizational behaviors implies that there are various factors that contribute to such behaviors. There are extrinsic factors which emanate from outside the organization and are hard to control. There are also intrinsic factors which thrive from within the organization. At times, leadership techniques as well as personality characteristics and differences among the individuals also contribute to this characteristic of organizations. This essay seeks to address the issue of organizational behavior using the case of Western Motel. Through the issues laid on the table regarding the motel, this essay will look at the possible physical changes that can be implemented in an organization in order to ensure employee satisfaction and retention. It will look at the different leadership styles and how they can be applied to motivate the employees. Similarly, different methods of employee motivations will be highlighted. These factors will ultimately lead to a discussion on the organizational culture. As such, this essay simply seeks to establish how an organization can be run with minimum wrangles and maximum cooperation among the various shareholders of the organization. Some of the physical changes that can be done in the motel to enhance the job include the renovation of the premises. As explained in the case study, the West Motel is a franchise of a chain of motels. As such, there is a possibility that the working conditions are not as classy as those in the other branches of the motel. This comes out clearly in the study where it is claimed that the working conditions seem to be good. This means that there is no certainty and, therefore, there is a possibility that the maids disappear simply because they are not satisfied with the working conditions. For this reason, the motel should seek to improve its infrastructural facilities. For instance, the appearance of the building should be appealing so as to attract more people. The more the clients served, the higher the employee satisfaction and the higher the rate of retention. Secondly, the working conditions seem to have a great impact on the motivation of the workers. As such, improving the facility could go a long way to achieve the objective of job satisfaction. Of course, no one likes working in an area that is prone to ridicule and mimicry. For instance, the rooms can be fitted with air conditioners, T.V sets, and the outside environment should be well kempt. This can be assured through constant pruning of the hedges and proper cleaning up. Improving the outside appearance of the organization could make the maids have a feeling that they do not serve in a lowly place. As such, their motivation would be boosted. As a matter of fact, no one likes working in a boring environment. It is clear that personal identity...
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