Organizational Behavior

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Question 1.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the executive’s actions in the emergency service agency (Note: in your response, please specify how diverse member characteristics are related to team performance, cohesiveness, conflict, and norms) Diversity within an organization encompasses elements such as nationality, religion, social status, age, etc. These elements can benefit organizations, but it can also harm it with a lack of management. The main idea is to combine people’s strengths in order to reach the company’s goals by strengthening teams’ productivity and responsiveness to changing conditions. Each person within a diverse workplace has unique strengths and weaknesses originated from their culture, and when these heterogeneous teams are well managed, it can make an impact in the workforce greater than the sum of its parts. In the rest of the answer I will touch base with how diverse teams are directly related to team performance, cohesiveness, conflict, and norms.

In my opinion the more different types of personalities in a team the more successful the team will be. I am sure that is how the head of the emergency service is thinking as well. The success of a collaborative team is highly dependable on a set of combined skills and different personalities which make them take different approaches to solve problems. A manager who is in charge of a diverse team must be able to make these people recognize the value of exploring a problem from several angles. On the other hand, diversity has also negative impact which can place impediments in effective communication slowing down productivity and cohesiveness. Different cultures can clash when it is not properly used in given roles.

The biggest challenge in this situation is to bring the cohesion among the members which can be very difficult. The inability of motivating the team members making them spend time together can seriously damage the group cohesiveness. It is also important to take into consideration that there is also a natural process of a creation of small social groups within a group. Due to this, organizations can make diverse employees to avoid exposure to each other. Although there is nothing wrong with it, this situation can hinder effectiveness and productivity. Now for the head of the emergency succeed with his approach I belive that a set of norms should tell the team what is ought and not ought to do in specif circumstances. These norms act as a means of influencing the behavior of group members with a minimum of external controls. In other words, what I want to mean is that these norms should establish social order and cohesion if members agree on tem. In heterogeneous groups, conflict and and social order may collapse and that is why norms should be followed. These norms will make members better of in situations in which different behaviors of interacting individuals are not equaly compatible, so in the case we are analysing a set of norms would make the social interaction more predictable and successful. Behavioral consensus can only create benefit in itself. Having all that said, following norms is just a remedy to avoid conflict which only hinders effectiveness and productivity. Question 2

Identify 3 different bases of power and 4 different types of influence tactics that you might use effectively to have senior management introduce these technologies or practices. In your answer, make sure to explain in detail why these power bases and tactics would be acceptable and effective in this situation

Power and influence tactics are reciprocal in which both must be in balance in order to get things in control and therefore boost freedom needed to reach professional prosperity. In the situation described above, the bases of power such as legitimate, expert, and referent power I will be explained in order to influence people in the Vancouver office. Influence tactics utilized by me would be relationship building, impact management,...
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