Organizational Behavior

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MGM 311

Research Assignment

1. This assignment carries 15% of your final grade.
2. Your assignment should be analytical, resourceful and complete with bibliographical sources with proper referencing within the work and in bibliography in APA style. 3. Your assignment should be around 2000 words (excluding bibliography). Assignment should be typed in Microsoft Word using ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing between lines. 4. You are required to submit this assignment by 24th November, 2012, Late submissions will carry penalty as specified in course document. 5. Simple process of Cut and Paste of Information from the Internet will not be accepted.

Answer the following:

1. Dramatic changes in the organizations have confronted managers with critical issues and have thus led to the understanding of OB to assume utmost importance. Discuss the challenges and opportunities OB offers to managers today. Support your answer with an example(s) of an organization/ case study(s).

2. Companies should monitor the employee attitudes because attitudes give warnings of potential problems and they influence behavior. Support the above statement with an example(s) of a organization/ case study(s), which needs monitoring of employee attitudes to modify behavior and hence improve organizational effectiveness.

3. Motivating a workforce to achieve organizational goals is one of the biggest challenges for managers today. Discuss how managers are increasing the level of motivation of their employees, supporting the answer with an example(s) of an organization/ case study(s).

Your Report must contain following elements:

• Introduction
• Discussion of key concept selected
• Relevant examples / case studies
• Conclusion
• Bibliography APA style.
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