Organizational Behabvior

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Job satisfaction Pages: 6 (1643 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Datamatics Technology Ltd (DTL) is a non voice BPO services provider. Its core activities Includes services like data capturing, data processing, data storage and retrieval. Like any other BPO firm its Workforce consists of mainly youths with majority of them being fresh graduates from diverse backgrounds namely commerce, science & engineers too. DTL employs fresh grads as they are easily available at comparatively lesser compensation then their experienced counterparts. Further, as a measure to arrest the attrition rate of youths they had 2 years service bond against a collateral of Rs. 25,000/- in place. The compensation package is average and the components (like Insurance, health coverage, House Rental Allowance etc) are in line with most of the Indian firms.

The nature of work being done at DTL is not very demanding in terms of the skill sets hence DTL could leverage the limited expertise and the easy availability of fresh graduates. Work is very monotonous with very limited scope of learning for any non-IT inclined individual, moreover a non-IT inclined employee did not even had the option to leave the firm due to the existence of the 2 years service bond. Various processes/work at DTL are named in a very fancy and attractive way (for eg. Health Claim Processing – Team working on this project had to only make sure that health claim data is getting downloaded properly and is processed as per the guidelines provided) thus veiling the true nature of the job.

DTL focuses on the automation which meant that those employees which are from the technical background and are there for developing softwares have some scope to apply their knowledge and also learn, however a closer scrutiny of the degree or extent of learning for even those software engineers could the throw the topic wide open for debate. In contrast, a non IT-person is expected to perform the routine check of the processes, ranging from the download of data, processing and then despatch of the processed data. The resulting dissatisfaction was very evident across the floor, an employee could not leave the firm before 2 years of service because of the service contract, but on the brighter side, this made the retention job of HR easier atleast for 2 years of bond period.

Organizational Support was clearly missing at DTL. Being a BPO firm, DTL had to provide 24/7 coverage for many projects and so employees were required to work in shifts including night shift. But management never made proper arrangements for food and transportations even for those employees which were working in the night shift. Given the location of the office was such that there was no other alternative which was available. Employees were completely left on their own.

Apart from the job monotony, service agreement and missing organizational support there were other issues too which plagued the employees. In the name of motivation, managers indulged in faulty and unethical practices of making performance and appraisals related high commitments to employees only to renege on them, this untoward attitude of managers was recognised as unfortunate by none other than the CEO of the firm himself.

DTL had a very simple HR strategy, it was to hire fresh graduates which were easily available at a very low compensation level, use fancy names for the projects, tempt a candidate and then make him sign a service agreement and then forget for 2 years. After 2 years hire another batch of fresh graduates.

Issues / Symptoms

1. Job Dissatisfaction.

2. Lack of Job Involvement.

3. Lack of motivation.

4. Bonded Labour.

5. Job Monotony.

6. No Organizational Commitment.

7. Lack of Employee Engagement.

8. Lack of Percieved Organizational Support.

9. High job turnover.

What is Employee retention ?

Employee retention refers to the ability of an organization to retain its employees. Employee retention can be represented by a simple...
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