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Topics: Communication, Message, Psychology Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 2, 2012
In what ways do the barriers to interpersonal communication interfere with your development of the diversity competency?

Interpersonal Communication contains four key elements: the communicator, the receiver, perceptual screens, and the message. The communicator is the person speaking or sending the message. The receiver is the person listening or receiving the message. Perceptual screens are window through which we interact with people in the world. They are the specifics rather: age, race, religion, value, beliefs, etc. These specifics have a large impact on how to send and receive messages. The message should have two working components. Perceptual components are the words and concepts used to deliver the message and the emotional component is the demeanor in which the individual receives the message. Feedback is also important in communication so the two parties are clear that they sent and received the same message and that one party is not under the wrong impression. Language has become increasingly important due to growing global relations in organizations. Because of language barriers, it is difficult to send and to receive messages. Data is the information intended to communicate a message to someone and the information is the data translated in the message already. Diversity Competency is the ability to help people to work together effectively despite their different backgrounds and interests. It is the ability to value unique individuals, groups, and organizations embrace characteristics as potential strengths and appreciate the differences of each. Interpersonal barriers can interfere with being able to effectively communicate to others in a group and organization. Good communication is quite difficult to achieve in an organization and causes more difficulty when you face diversity issues. Noise, semantics, language routines, lying and distortion are 5 direct interpersonal barriers. These barriers definitely make it quite difficult which...
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