Organization, Time Management, & Effective Communication

Topics: Management, Human resources, How to Win Friends and Influence People Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: April 6, 2013
According to Webster (Merriam-Webster\\\'s collegiate dictionary, 2013), to organize is “to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole” or “to arrange by systematic planning and united effort” In the field of human resource management organizing vast amounts of information is critical to the success of the human resource manager and the company it represents. By the appearance of being organized this action alone will show the professionalism that all prospective employees want to see. For example, prospective candidates receiving a postcard acknowledging the receipt of their application, demonstrates organization. A human resource department should have scanned copies of applications and a checklist for filtering those applicants. This information should be contained in a folder (electronically) with the date of the application and within that folder should be a copy of the “no interest or interest” letter sent to the applicant. This is just one area of an effective use of organization within a human resource department.

Time Management:
According to Business ("," 2013), time management means, “a systematic, priority-based structuring of time allocation and distribution among competing demands. Since time cannot be stored, and its availability neither increased beyond nor decreased from the 24 hours, the term, time budgeting is said to be more appropriate.” Human resource departments run on time and the proper allocation of it. The use of Microsoft Outlook for scheduling meetings with the organization, scheduling prospective candidate interviewing (by collaborating with department supervisors for interviewing), pre-employment drug testing, new hire orientation and the list goes on the proper time management. I prefer to use a hard copy calendar to schedule and allot time for college courses and study time. Online education has taught me that time management is essential to submission of work...
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