Organization Theory and Design

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Supply Chain Management week 1 April 31, 2013

Consumers are considered to have much more influence in the marketplace today. Explain how today’s consumers are empowered and how they impact Supply Chain Management with UPS. Use the following questions to guide you in your discussion.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the evolution of logistics based in large part ... Changing Nature of the Marketplace: The Empowered Consumer ... Today's customers are increasingly sophisticated, knowledgeable, and .... way to reduce delivery times is to use express package carriers, such as UPS, since they have a .

Today's empowered customers are increasingly sophisticated, knowledgeable, and demanding about the price and quality of the products and services they purchase. Information about many products and services is easily accessible through the Internet and other media. If consumers are dissatisfied with local products and services, they can now buy from around the globe at any time and have their purchases delivered to their homes in days, hours, or even instantly, in the case of some services. Higher awareness coupled with increasing demands on individuals' time contributes to consumers demanding convenience, seller flexibility, and responsiveness.

Increasingly the consumers' demands for product or service quality is placing more pressure on the supply chain to perform up to expectations while keeping costs low. These private sector influences are now beginning to appear in Department of Defense logistics systems as government employees have come to expect the same levels of satisfaction and service in their professional environment as they experience in their private lives.

Today the impact of the consumer is much more direct for supply chains because the consumer has placed increased demands at the retail level for an expanded variety of products services.

The supply chains have to be performing very efficiently to enable the retailer and other...
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