Organization Theory

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(Part A)
The two perspectives that I will look into is Modern and Critical Theory. Each element illustrates different views and concepts in looking things in an organization. Moreover, I will provide some examples, similarities and differences between them. In part B, these perspectives will explain Google and its relationship with the environment. Modern

The theory of modernist is to discover the principal and practices that manage organizations universally. Modernist sees organizations and buildings as real entities. Furthermore, modernist view that power are ideas to influence, control and manipulate. Besides, it exists in our world and gets distribute down the hierarchy with rules and regulations in an organization. Bureaucracy Theory and Scientific Management Theory is a modernist approach to manage organization with the objective to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Ontology: concerns about reality and modernist interpret that there is power and control within the organization. In addition, it views that modernist do not challenge these assumptions but abide to rules and regulations. Epistemology: knowledge exists and power seen in organization with the managers in top hierarchy making decision. Cybernetic Control

Cybernetic Control is closely related to system on how each organization performs with a system. It is similar to General System Theory (GST). A system may be defined as a set of elements standing in interrelation among them and with environment (Bertalanffy1968). A system is a combination of subsystem and each element that will affect one another. Therefore, communication is the key in implementing this system concept and is the focal point in functional organization.

Agency Theory
Agency theory is to ensure managers perform their job with the interest of the organization to increase profitability for the organization. In understanding how organization work, people in the higher hierarchy will get things done by people in the lower hierarchy, known as delegation. An alternative to keep employees motivated is to design a more interesting job and reward good worker. Markets, Hierarchies and Clans

There are many definitions for the reason why organization exists. As organization is too complex to accomplish with just a person, only with cooperation can form an organization to cater for services and needs in the market. In this process, it will lead to conflict between individuals with interactions leading to form an organization

McDonald’s is the symbol of standardization of food (Kincheloe 2002). As the goal of modernist is to increase efficiency and effectiveness, McDonald uses standardization in a process of making a burger or fries, as it does not require much specific skill. This may turn out is a good system to implement, as older workers can be hire to work too. Moreover, this is an example of exploitation. Moreover, they are trying to induce to other organization and the society that Goggle is indispensible when surfing the internet and locate information. Nonetheless, modernist view that it generates works to people in the society. Besides, they are helping economy to grow and most importantly, leading to profitability for the organization. Critical Theory

Critical Theory challenges and opposes the assumptions of Modernist. Furthermore, it views that organization are exploiting workers without them knowing. It does not think that workers should be working so hard to increase profits to the organization when their pay is so low.

Critical Theory gives Critical theory gives both a vision and a vocabulary with which to talk about power, its uses and abuses (Gilgun 2010). This indicates a need for justice, fairness and care to eliminate the inequality and abuses of power. Critical theorists look upon fairness of those who are taking advantages upon human to make money. For instance, McDonald generates millions of profits, but pay very little for...
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