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Case Study:
Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited is India’s largest private enterprise, with businesses straddling several sectors and a workforce of 25,000 employees.

Its large workforce and extensive operations give it a big stake in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
The company’s HIV and AIDS program is unusual among those initiated by private companies in India in that it not only promotes awareness of HIV and AIDS but also provides treatment. Another unique feature of the program is its broad coverage: it provides antiretroviral therapy to anyone in the community who is HIV-positive, whether or not that person is an employee of the company.

The program began by establishing a well-equipped health center at Hazira, in Gujarat, to provide tuberculosis treatment based on the strategy recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), known as DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course). The center, which . The information in the Reliance case study is based on personal interviews with Reliance officials responsible for the company’s HIV and AIDS program, site visits, and internal documents shared by the company. The information is current as of September 200.20 Case Study: Reliance Industries

also offered information on HIV prevention, later expanded to treatment and other services for AIDS patients. It also provides counseling, education, and training and disseminates information on nutrition. Reliance has worked closely with partners to help extend the program’s reach. In villages near Hazira local NGOs disseminate information and refer HIV-positive people to the center. While education programs and the center itself initially encountered resistance because of the social stigma associated with HIV and AIDS, repeated awareness activities have helped gain acceptance. The program has already reached nearly 300,000 people—truckers (drivers and crew members), contract and migrant workers, employees of local enterprises, and members of the local community. Reliance is now initiating a process of replicating the program at other company sites. Business background

Reliance is a big presence in the Indian economy, with annual sales of US$20 billion, a net worth of US$11 billion, and total assets of US$21 billion. Its activities include oil and gas exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals (polyester, fiber intermediates, plastics, and chemicals), and textiles. Its exports reach

nearly 100 countries across the
globe, totaling US$7 billion annually.
The company operates
manufacturing facilities at several sites in Gujarat. The Naroda facility, near Ahmedabad, houses a textile plant. The PaAs a global business leader, we are equally concerned about the society we

live in and our environment. We have
constantly pursued businesses that
will trigger high growth and promote
sustainable development, and this has
been and must continue to be one of our
guiding philosophies.
—Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman
Reliance Industries Case Study: Reliance Industries 21 talganga complex, near Mumbai, has polyester, fiber intermediate, and linear alkyl benzene manufacturing plants. The Hazira complex, near Surat, has a naphtha cracker feeding downstream fiber intermediate, plastics, and polyester plants. And the Jamnagar complex has a petroleum refinery and associated petrochemical plants that produce plastics and fiber intermediates.

Why do something about HIV and AIDS?
As an industrial site, Hazira has a large migrant workforce employed in several local industries. The presence of these industries has also contributed to a large, floating population of truckers in Hazira. Concerned about the risk of infectious diseases in such a population, the local government sought corporate support to set up HIV and tuberculosis programs at the workplace and in medical camps in local villages and on local highways.

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