Organization Structure of Reliance Industries

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Organizational Structure

Work Culture

Research & Development (R&D), Technology Development and Innovation continues to be an integral part of RIL's agenda for achieving growth, business profitability, sustainability and rural transformation. The Reliance Technology Group (RTG), created by consolidating various research and technology functions is helping create enhanced value delivery by leveraging all the skills and competencies, and creating new opportunities at the interfaces. Key objectives of RTG are as follows:

* Develop fit-for-purpose and sustainable technology and its application. * Provide effective project support and assurance to manufacturing plants and businesses. * Provide technical assurance to projects including technology selection and absorption. * Proactively identify and support technical opportunities to add value across RIL's businesses. * Develop technology strategies suited to create business growth and offset threats. * Balance technology sourcing by a flexible strategy of smart buying, fast customisation and flagship development of key technologies. * Exploit synergies cutting across technologies/disciplines. * Improve technical productivity on a continuous basis.

* Develop / recruit staff with skills and motivation to meet current and future business needs. * Create a fit-for-purpose process centric organisation.
* Ensure long term technical health of RIL businesses.
* Manage technology and Intellectual Property (IP) assets for the Company. Creation and protection of IP is becoming a core activity at RTG. Systems and processes have been build to effectively protect the know-how, innovations, and knowledge generated by the staff. As per RTG's mission, the Company will continue to create business value and competitive advantage for RIL by applying (buying, customising, developing) the right technology, at the right cost, and at the right time to meet the current and future needs of...
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