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Topics: Carbon dioxide, Automotive industry, Greenhouse gas Pages: 11 (3316 words) Published: May 2, 2011
This presentation will outline the framework defining the sustainability and corporate social responsibility agenda for the Trivett Group Pty Ltd. The overall strategy has been focused around four key elements including: Environment, Human Capital, Industry, Society, and we will discuss each of these in detail below. Finally we will broadly outline the vehicle manufacturer’s policies, as the dealership is ultimately considered to be the showroom extension of these organizations who subsequently invest large amounts of money in developing appropriate tools and resources so franchised dealers ensure that they also, are continuously acting as responsible corporate citizens. ENVIRONMENT

The environment is not a "free" resource and it is now recognised that we are consuming the earth's resources at a much faster rate than the earth can restore them. Scientists tell us that the situation is now starting to hurt the future prospects of our children and their children, as well as the plants and animals that share our earth. Trivett is tackling the environment in a number of ways:

1. Reducing emission - Targeting a 25% pro rata reduction in Green House Gas emissions via power use and fuel use.

* Lights are switched off after hours or when not required, * Computers are switched off after hours,
* The compressor is turned off after hours,
* Lights are controlled by motion sensors in toilets, kitchens and meeting rooms, * Replacing light bulbs with energy efficient lighting,
* Fleet and executive driven vehicles have been replaced with new fuel efficient diesel and hybrid engineered technologies, * Earth Hour is a global event organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. Trivett has made a commitment to support this event since its inception, via turning off all non-essential lighting at their offices, showrooms and facilities at the close of business, and has also encouraged employees to turn off their lights at home.

2. Preventing water pollution

* Stormwater drains are clear of oily plumes and litter,
* All vehicle washing is conducted in a dedicated wash down bay that drains to an oil water separator, * Wastewater from the wash bay is appropriately disposed of through an oil water separator, * Large quantities of hazardous liquids are stored in a bunded area. * Batteries are stored in an undercover area on sealed ground or in a sealed battery box. Battery acid is left inside the batteries. Batteries are collected by a licensed contractor.

3. Reducing waste – Set a target to minimise waste through recycling and reuse by 20%.

* Liquid wastes are removed for disposal by a licensed contractor (such as coolant, waste oil, caustic, solvents, brake fluid and fuel), * Printing and copying machines are default set to print on both sides, * Recycling and sorting bins have been implemented,

* Use of email and electronic media to limit the use of paper and printing.

4. Reducing water usage - Australia is still enduring its worst drought in living memory. Trivett has a clear focus on water usage as an organization.

* Fully automated 6 bay rain water car wash to provide cleaning and detailing services, * Waterless urinals in bathrooms,
* Collection of rainwater from roof into tanks for use in watering of gardens and carwash, * Water recycling and water treatment plants,
* Undercover showrooms to keep vehicles indoors thus limiting the requirements of constantly cleaning and detailing.

5. Environmental management

* Management and staff are aware of their environmental responsibilities. This is achieved through inductions, on the job training and staff meetings, * Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are held onsite for all hazardous chemicals and are easily...
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