Organization Structure

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I ANOOBE KORNALLIOSE, hereby declares that this project work entitled “STUDY ON ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, PROCESSES AND FUNCTIONS OF VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS THROUGH SAFECARE RUBBER PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED” submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of the award of the Master of Business Administration is a record of original work done by me under the supervision and guidance of Prof. FRANKLIN JOHN, School of Management, Karunya University, Coimbatore. This project work has not formed the basis for the award of any Degree / Diploma / Associate ship / Fellowship / of similar titles to any university.



I express my deep sense of gratitude to the Safecare Rubber Products Pvt Ltd. For the opportunity offered to me to undertake this study on organization structure and function of various section of the company.

I would like to place it on cards my sincere thanks to Mr Sukumaran M P, (Manager of Safecare Rubber Products Pvt Ltd.) who gave me the opportunity to carry out this study and for the timely guidance to completion of my project. I wholeheartedly submit my grateful thanks to the management and other staffs members of Safecare Rubber Products Pvt Ltd. for having given me this wonderful opportunity in their esteemed organisation.

I am also grateful to my project guide Mr Franklin John and other faculty members for their valuable guidance without which completion of this project would have been difficult.

Last but not the least I would like to place my heartfelt thanks to my parents and friends for their constant support and confidence in me which has been always a great source of strength and inspiration to me.

Above all the GRACE OF GOD led me to complete this project work successfully.



1. Introduction

2. SEZ


1. Introduction

a. Company profile

b. Product profile

2. Observation / Experiences

a. Organizational Structure Analysis

3. Analytical Reflection

4. Conclusion

5. Appendix



1. Introduction

India is the third largest producer, fourth largest consumer of natural rubber and fifth largest consumer of natural rubber and synthetic rubber together in the world. With around 6000 unit comprising 30 large scale, 300 medium scale and around 5600 SSI/ tiny sector units, manufacturing 35000 rubber products, employing 400 thousand people, including around 22000 technically qualified support personnel, with turnover of Rs.200 billion and contributing Rs.40 billion to the National Exchequer through taxes, duties and other levies, the Indian Rubber Industry plays a core sector role in the Indian National economy.

The wide range of rubber products manufactured by the Indian rubber industry comprises all types of heavy duty earth moving tyres. Auto tyres, tubes, automobiles parts, footwear, belting, hoses, cycle tyres and tubes, cables and wires, camelback, battery boxes, latex products, pharmaceutical goods besides moulded and extruded goods for mass consumption. The products manufactured also cover hi-tech industrial items. The important areas which the industry caters to include all the three wings of defence, civil aviation, aeronautics, railways, agriculture, transport as also textile engineering industries, pharmaceuticals, mines, steel plants, ports, family planning programmes, hospitals, sports, practically to every conceivable field. The rubber industry in India is basically divided in two sectors – tyre sector and non-tyre sector. The tyre sector produces all types of auto tyres, conventional as well as radial tyres and exports to advance countries like USA.

The non-tyre sector comprises the medium scale, small scale and tiny units. It produces high technology and sophisticated industrial products. The small scale accounts for over 50% of production...
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