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Supervisory Management

Organization Structure & Design
Of Hi-Lo Food Stores (Portmore)
Audrey Wilson

Supervisory Management

Organization Structure & Design
Of Hi-Lo Food Stores (Portmore)
Audrey Wilson


I would like to thank the Manager and Staff of Hi-Lo Food Stores – Portmore for their comment and suggestions towards this project. Miss Nikeisha Plummer for her support , encouragement and help throughout the project.

Organization Structure & Design of Hi-Lo Food Store (Portmore)5
Analysis of Organization Structure of Hi-Lo6
Key Elements of the Organization Structure7
Work Specialization7
Chain of Command:9
Span of Control:10
Centralization vs. Decentralized:11
Tradional vs. Contemporary12


Hi-Lo Food Stores was first incorporated in 1954. However, it was not until 1984 that the chain of stores was acquired by Grace Kennedy Limited. Hi-Lo Food Stores is operating as a division of the GK Foods and Services Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Grace Kennedy Limited.

Hi-Lo has evolved as one of the leading supermarkets in Jamaica, admired by both its customers and competitors. With its competent and dedicated group of employees, Hi-Lo is focused on creating long lasting relationships with our customers through our FS5 commitment to Fresh Stores, Fast Service, Frequent Savings, Full Shelves and Friendly Smiles.

Hi-Lo Food Stores has thirteen (13) locations with the most recent one being Hi-Lo Food Stores located in Portmore Pines which was opened on November 15, 2010. Our locations offer a range of grocery and non-grocery items at competitive prices and a shopping experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Hi-Lo Food Stores is the second largest supermarket chain in Jamaica.

At Hi-Lo Food Stores we live our tag line “Making Life Easier”



This information was gathered from Hi- Lo Food Stores Portmore along with my thoughts and experience from my present position at Hi – Lo.

Help was also taken from the world wide web which provided me with the guideline towards this project.


Organization Structure & Design of Hi-Lo Food Store (Portmore)

Figure 1. Hi-Lo Organization Structure
Figure 1. Hi-Lo Organization Structure


Analysis of Organization Structure of Hi-Lo

As shown in Figure 1. Hi-Lo Food Store’s organizational structure can be divided into different parts. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is responsible for the front line staff while each other department is responsible for their team members. The front line staff is the key source of the business. This is where the customer checks out last. It consists of the cashiers and wrappers. The cashier play a very important role as a customer ambassador to Hi-Lo Food Store, in doing so she is required to charge customers the correct price for all merchandise purchase so that company receives accurate payments for all goods and services sold. The wrappers responsibility is to unpack and wrap customers’ goods and thank them. The produce department responsibility is to sort all produce items wash, package, weigh , price and display same for customers , however the meat room department is more technical, they have cut meat into various types package, weigh, price and display same as well. The maintenance department deals with the cleaning of the store daily so that customers are welcome to a fresh store while having their shopping experience. The back store department on the other hand, more directly involves with the receiving, storing and merchandising the goods so that the customers receive same in a timely manner. In analyzing Hi-Lo Food Stores Organization Structure each department has a different function and each function is done by a group of team members along with a C.S.R.

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