Organization Strategies for the Technical Professional

Topics: Management, Time management, Investment Pages: 4 (1597 words) Published: May 10, 2008
Organization: Principals of Organization for the Technical Professional. Organization is a broad topic that can be broken down in to several different sub categories. When we think of organization, we think of tidy shelves with individual labeled bins for all of our knick knacks, books and magazines or a closet full of neatly folded clothing and shoes meticulously arranged by color, function and style. These are examples of tangible items and only represent one small cross section of organization. Intangible items such as time, relationships, information and finances must also be organized in such a way that will improve our ability to be efficient, effective and ultimately successful. Throughout this paper I will be exploring three concepts of organization; Organization of time, Organization of the workspace, and the organization of personal finances. In my opinion, these topics will ultimately prove to be the most relevant to the success of a technical professional. By far the most important single topic of organization is time. “The most important benefit of time management is that is enables you to feel in control of your life” (Yager 5). This holds true in that you will not be able to manage or organize the other aspects of your life if you do not have the time. In turn, those who effectively manage their time will experience less stress, will be more productive, and ultimately will be able to realize more of their goals (Yager 3). In order to begin using your time effectively, you need to assess how you are using it currently. By evaluating how your time is spent, you can see how much you are already using and how you are using it. Next, a decision needs to be made on which activities hold the highest and lowest priorities. Tasks that are not moveable, and have a deadline are usually of the highest priority, (paying bills, going to work, attending class etc.). Tasks that contribute to personal relationships, long term goals and projects that have no...
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