Organization Politics & Backstabbing - How Does One Deal with Office Politics and Backstabbing?

Topics: Theories of political behavior, Behavior, Boss Pages: 3 (1163 words) Published: August 4, 2012
- How does one deal with office politics and backstabbing? Imagine At work there are many who side up to the that a boss and do things that please them. Most of the colleague time achievement of such people is also to showcase others shortcomings (and not their own is strengths! When you know someone is running you down slowly but surely, what can you do? Engaging to Every organization should cultivate a climate/environment where backbiting and politics cannot survive. All employees are expected illegitimate to be mature individuals who are more concerned about productivity and growth (of the organization as well as e political themselves) rather than indulge in such silly antics. Behavior this is a very common situation in offices. I have towards been through this and I can understand this situation. Having said that, I was able to come out you. What of this situation by following some basic things: steps might you. (1) Put in all your efforts to perform your JOB well. Showcase the results to the right people. (2) Talk to the person directly (if the person is reduce or receptive). In case the person is obnoxiously arrogant / not open to listening or talking. Move to eliminate. (3) In case the person is willing to talk to you...explain..."I like the way you give your behavior? Opinion and feedback on various things to the Boss...however, I was just thinking, sometimes your feedback sounds like a severe criticism and might not be constructive...can we be more - Constructive while giving feedback or commenting on each other’s work...” Try to work out a solution [Type sidebar and try to build working relation. A sidebar is a standalone supplement to the (4) Talk to the people who matter...explain your main document. It situation in clear manner ..."I feel, so n so gives is often aligned on good feedback on various activities that we do, the left or right of however I sometimes feel certain feedback might the page, or take the morale of the team down / is not...
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