Organization of the Crime Scene

Topics: Modus operandi, Need to know, Police Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Organization of the crime scene – the crime scene encompasses all areas over which the actors. Victim, criminal and eyewitness. You always have to have someone in charge to keep things in order. It is very important to keep thing right, everyone has to be in the right place so that nothing can be over looked. Joint command are just working with out people emt, fbi bomb squad I didn’t know that the body was also looked at as being a crime scene.

Crime has and will always go up around the holidays, they just take from others because they do not have. It is like robbing peter to pay Paul Crime scene problems- It is always best to make your crime scene bigger then the crime itself. So that nothing can be over looked. You have to keep on look out of the Crime scene log is things that you find around, keep track of people, it is good to write everything down so that you can have everything a counted for. Some problems that can come up are maybe what I would like to call messy cop that may over look thing or leave things arounr Modus operandi is the way that they offenders do things, you see more of it with people that do the same time over and over, An offenders pattern of operation. method of preparation for crime, They would have a motive that could trigger them.

Rules/approaches to crimianal investigation, the fouth amendment address the unreasonable search and seizure. You have to make sure you do things the right way because you would want the people who did the crime just because you did not go about getting the evidence the right way Documentation – you can add a crime scene log along with that since it is going along with documents. You write down anything that can help the case, like figure paint, weapons, witness, vitcams, where it all happen, things that we need to know, like who what when where why and how. Reconding items are good you don’t need a pen and paper, Search methods, the toye of snece you have will let you know. Spiral,...
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