Organization Frame

Topics: Organization, Corporate governance, Structure Pages: 3 (557 words) Published: March 12, 2013
* Structure represents an organisation’s efforts to align internal workings with outside concerns. It represents a resolution of contending claims from various groups within the organisation. Structures are a blueprint for officially sanctioned expectations and exchanges among internal players and external constituencies. *

* The structural frame upholds the notion that organizations are judged primarily on and by the proper functioning of those elements which constitute good organization: 1. Giving appropriate emphasis to the process integrating people and technology. 2. And enabling the organization to achieve its goals.

* Designing an organizational structural frame depends on prevailing circumstances and considers organisation’s goals, strategies, technology, people and nature of environment. It can be designed through Differentiation i.e. division of labour or Integration i.e. coordination. *

* Role of Structural frame in an organization:
Most “people” problems really stem from structural flaws rather than from flaws in individuals. Lack of structure in an organisation often misdirects energy and resources. Without an organizational structure, people become unsure about what they are supposed to be doing. The result is confusion, frustration, and conflict. Structural managers and leaders are not necessarily authoritarian and do not necessarily solve every problem by issuing orders (though that will sometimes be appropriate). Instead, they try to design and implement a process or structure appropriate to the problem and the circumstances. Therefore, the fundamental responsibility of managers and leaders is to clarify organizational goals, to attend to the relationship between structure and environment, and to develop a structure that is clear and appropriate to the goals, the task, and the environment. In an effective organization, individuals are clear about their responsibilities and their...
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