Organization Development & Change

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Several authors have conceptualized change as a pl...

The essay question to answer is: “Several authors have conceptualized change as a planned, sequential process. What are the strengths and the limitations of these N-step models? How do they apply to situations when change needs to be managed after organizational crises? Discuss providing specific examples.” the answer has to be based on the readings attached below plus other additional readings(6-7) to find elsewhere.

The words limit is 3000 words.
Introduction: say how will you ‘set the scene’ for your argument, what concepts you will introduce and define, how you will argue that the chosen topic is relevant to understanding organizational change

Main body of the essay:
o Introduction to theories of change
o N-step models and alternative theoretical lenses – comparative analysis
o Organizational crises or a specific case of organizational change – how do these models apply? What do they account for or fail to explain? Potential issues/sub-topics/questions to address or focus on: 1)    N-step models (Lewin, Kotter, etc): how do they depict change? What are their underpinning assumptions?

2) Alternative views – Processual/Contextual perspective of change: how do they compare to N-step models?
3)    Organizational crises: what is unique about organizational change after crises?
Conclusion: briefly reiterate your argument; outline key take-away points from the arguments developed. (e.g. as a result of your analysis, what theoretical models explain change better and why?)
The essay
_ Introductory paragraph: Say what you are going to say
_ 2nd paragraph: outline the structure of the essay
_ Main body: make your points (no more than three); new point, new paragraph!
_ Conclude and reiterate your argument
_ Use sub-headers to divide up the text
Use a clear academic writing style; do not use informal or colloquial terms. Always proof read your paper. Stick to the word limit.
Evidence of research...
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