Organization Behiviour

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organizational behavior
To prevent future labor shortages and workers from leaving the work place, Ms. Shroeger found that college students are most interested in building skills that they can apply later in their careers. Therefore, she offers them Saturday classes for computer-skill development and career-planning discussions (Judge, 2007). Since many new UPS employees in Buffalo are intimidated by the huge warehouse in which they had to work, Ms. Shroeger improved lighting throughout the building and upgraded break rooms to make them more user-friendly (Judge, 2007).

To help new employees adjust, she turned some of her best shift supervisors into trainers who provided specific guidance during new hires’ first week. She also installed more personal computers on the floor, which gave new employees easier access to training materials and human-resource information on UPS’s internal network. Finally, Shroeger expanded training so supervisors had the skills to handle increased empowerment and to see how difficult it is to be a manager (Judge, 2007).

4. Is it unethical to teach supervisors “to demonstrate interest in workers as individuals”? Explain. In my opinion, every person has the ability to learn a skill if they are not naturally born with the natural ability to show interest in others. Being a supervisor requires some degree of taking on a role of leadership and having some additional qualities about them in which could be aquired if one does not possess it naturally already. However, there must be an initial interest or passion to begin that journey of aquirement because all the qualities and emotions that we need are the same within ourselves and others. So is it unethical to teach supervisors to demonstrate interest in individuals? You can't make somebody change without them wanting to change and you can't make somebody learn what they don't want to learn. It is not unethical to me to teach supervisors to have interest in workers as individuals...
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