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Topics: Organizational structure, Organizational culture, Management Pages: 16 (5174 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Table of contents
1. Task 1
1.1 Introduction1
1.2 What’s an Organization?1
1.3 Organization structure 1
1.4 Type of Organizational structure 2
1.5 Organizational culture3
1.6 There are four type of cultures4
1.7Introduction to the chosen organization 5 2. Introduction of Airtel 5
2.1The culture of Airtel Pvt 7 2.2 Factors Influence individuals Behavior at work place 7 2.3 Leadership style approach By Airtel 8 2.4 Recommendations 8

3. Introduction of Bank of Maldives 9
3.1 The culture of Bank of Maldives Plc 11 3.2 Factors influence individual's behavior at work place 12 3.3 Leadership style approach By Airtel 12 3.4 Recommendation 13
4. Task 2
4.1 Leadership 14
4.2 Comparison of Leadership style and management approach to Bank of Maldives Plc and Airtel pvt. 15 4.3Comparison of management style 16

5. Task 3
5.1 Motivational theories practiced by organizations17
5.2Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 17 5.3 Costa and McRae's type theory 18 5.4 Herzberg two Factor Theory for Bank of Maldives Plc and Airtel Pvt. 18 6. Leadership and Motivation and practice management 18 7. Conclusion 20

8. Reference list 21

1.Task 1
In this report the author has analyzed the organizational behavior as consultant for Airtel and Bank of Maldives. The author has observed the structure and the culture of the two organizations. The findings from the research are explained briefly in this report. Also the author has explained the different types of leadership and motivational theories used by the two organizations using the theories learned in organizational behavior module, Giving the authors point of view and recommendations as a consultant. 1.2.What’s an Organization?

Group of people who work interdependently towards some purpose is called organization. (S.L.Mashane, M.V.Glinow. 2003).

1.3.Organization structure
Organization structure is important in a company because the division of work among members of an organization is shown by its structure. Organizational structure is explained by the framework of formal and informal rules and regulations within the companies. Structure is pattern of the position of an organization, therefore structure makes possible the application of the management and creates a firm work of order and command through which the activities of organization can be planned, organized, directed and controlled. Formal: rules that are observable through written documents or rules that are determined and executed or formal are functional and department manager take the decision. Informal: rules based on implicit understandings, and informal doesn’t have any formalities in their sector.

1.4.Type of Organizational structure
1.Functional structure
2.Divisional structure
3.Matrix structure

Functional structure

The above functional structure figure 0.1 shows the experience for each function....
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