Organization Behaviour

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow, Motivation Pages: 5 (1955 words) Published: November 19, 2011
Abraham Maslow explored a hierarchy of needs, from the most basic physical needs to the most internal needs for selfactualization, and found that individuals respond to motivation that meets their lowest need at a particular point in time. This approach to motivation holds considerable potential for companies willing to apply it to their personnel practices. Another goal setting theory by Dr. Lock explained how specific and difficult goals led to better task performance in general. These two theories have been examined in the perspective of GrameenPhone ltd, the biggest cellular company in Bangladesh. Some major impacts of the two theories are visible in every aspect of GrameenPhone ltd. The motivation level of employees in GrameenPhone is increased by the various facilities that reflect Maslow’s needs hierarchy and most importantly Lock’s Goal setting theory. Observation of the two theories has been done through personal and phone interviews of GrameenPhone employees. As from theoretical perspective Maslow’s hierarchy of need seems to be strong in Bangladesh Context, where people seems follow visible needs rather than preferring challenges in the workplace in actuality results indicate employees perception toward goal is very strong. The aim of this observation was to find out the practical impact of the two theories in GrameenPhone and describe in which issues these two theories has failed to make an substantial impact also GrameenPhone’s level of adaptation of Maslow and Lock’s Theory. As Maslow’s theories state that an individual will be motivated to fulfill his first need, which is physiological needs (Ewen, 1998). GrameenPhone seems to be strongly influenced by this part of the theory. The minimum salary for the lowest managerial position in GrameenPhone is 28,000 taka and in the call center starting salary is 10,000 taka. Maslow’s physiological needs means the biological needs human requires surviving such food, clean water. So it is clear that a GrameenPhone Employee has better probability to satisfy the biological needs as the monthly salary is higher than most of the other companies in Bangladesh. This higher salary policy has proved milestone for GrameenPhone. As it offers an handsome salary at the very starting point of career GrameenPhone has been able to recruit the most highly skilled employees. An high salaried job is much more attractive to the freshly graduated skilled applicants. This salary philosophy (putting more money to the base salary) has also helped them keeping the skilled productive workforce at their company. Their motivation also increases by the paid training period which GrmeenPhone offers. Most of the companies in Bangladesh keep an unpaid training period on the other hand GrameenPhone’s paid training program are more lucrative to the trainees and it motivates them to response to the training opportunity eagerly. Locks first principal of Goal setting theory states Clarity goals which clarify what an employee should do (Miner, 2002). Through the Training program GrameenPhone mould employees in the shape of their culture and task goals. employees start realizing what they need to do and start working immediately. It is because, whenever a clear and specific goal is assigned to an individual, rather than being abstract and irrational, the individuals are more likely to be encouraged because of the simplicity and they are ought to complete their tasks accordingly. As indicated by Shams an intern “As an intern I am having hands-on experience which I believe is going to help in the future. I am looking forward to work longer for Grameenphone and enjoy the magic of closeness” GrameenPhone is seen to follow and imply this very influensive method that is the goal setting theory. One of the principal of goal setting theory is Challenge( Miner, 2002). Employees in internship program seem to face various practical assignments. Supervisors identify those motivating highly challenged employees to offer...
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