Organization Behavior: the Case of Julie and Susan

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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The Case of Julie and Susan

The case of Julie and Susan demonstrates how a breakdown in any component of the MARS Model affects individual behaviour and performance. The questions facing Dr. Griffiths are; how did this breakdown occur, and is there an effective way to fix it? Using organizational behaviour theories, it is possible to analyze the symptoms, problems, and causes. From this analysis, a recommendation on how best to fix the situation can be developed. Given the facts of the case, it is clear that the main problem is that, Julie and Susan do not have a clear understanding of each other’s expectations.

A symptom that has arisen from this problem is that Julie and Susan have engaged in a verbal disagreement. There are various causes that have made this an external issue within the workplace. Julie finds Susan’s papers much more tedious than that of other faculty members. She also feels receiving proper communication and feedback from Susan difficult and frustrating. On the other hand, Susan believes that Julie requires too much structure and direction, especially compared to Julie’s co-workers. In order to compensate, Susan provides her research assistant to help guide Julie. However, Julie feels as though the research assistant lacks proper information and knowledge. These are examples of situational factors that affect the behaviour and results of Julie and Susan.

The MARS Model describes that individual behaviour and results are driven by motivation, ability, role perception and situational factors. If any one of these four factors is relatively low than an individual’s behaviour and results will be negative (CITE TEXT). While it is evident from the case that Julie has the proper motivation, ability and role perception to complete Susan’s work, situational factors are affecting her behaviour and results. The situational factors preventing Julie from successfully completing tasks for Susan include; time,...
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