Organization Behavior Stereotyping

Topics: Stereotype, Body modification, Tattoo Pages: 2 (782 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Question 2
Madam May May’s organization has newly hired a male employee. The employee has pierced nose and visible tattoo. Although the work performance of the staff is adequate and he does not need to meet customer, the other staff had complained the professional appearance of the company is affected. As we can see, the image of the newly hired worker has been a problem towards his co-workers. This is caused by the discrimination of the staffs towards piercing and tattooing. We can easily found that the stereotyping theory had been take place among the staffs of Madam May May’s organization. According to Ivancevich, Konopaske and Matteson (ed. 2011, p.99), stereotyping is a translation step in the perceptual process employed to assist individual in dealing with massive information-processing demands. Stereotyping may result not only towards individual, but may also be a result of reaction to a label or name. Example of common stereotyping may be based on nationality, occupation, age, physical, education, social and politics. Although stereotyping condenses the amount of information that we need to know and thus enables us to cope with a vast information flow, the consequences of attributing incorrect characteristics are extremely negative.(Mullins ed. 1999 p.396). Stereotyping also infers that all people within a particular perceived category are assumed to have or to share the same characteristics and traits. When we see all people belonging to a particular group as having the same characteristics we are said to be stereotyping. For example: People in Madam May May’s organisation will have a same thinking that the staff with visible tattoos and piercing and categories as bad people and gangsters. Stereotyping will harm and affect a company because it might block out accurate perception of the individual or situation. (Mullins ed. 1999 p.397). In the case of Madam May May’s organization, her organization might lose a highly potential worker if they trust the...
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