Organization Behavior

Topics: National Football League, Personal computer, Decision making Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Decision Making in Organization
Case in Point
Keeping the New Orleans Saints Marching Down the Field.

Bruce Lemmerman spends 363 days per year for important decisions that have to be made in just a few minutes during the other two days. As director of college scouting for the New Orleans Saints, he visits college and universities throughout the United States in search of footballs players who are good enough to be selected for the “Big Show” (slang for the National Football League) during the NFL’s two-day college draft each April. The key to Lemmerman’s mission is gathering all pertinent information so that it can be called up when Saints officials need to make decisions about which prospect to select as their draft choices. With this in mind, Lemmerman is almost always on the road, going to as many as 70 schools in four months. While there, he closely watches players during games or in practices sessions-live from the sidelines when he can but at least on videotape. He also talks to coaches and trainers, getting their slant on each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. He routinely gathers detailed information on a player’s physical qualities, such as his height, weight, speed, percentage of body fat, and height of vertical leap, but that’s not all. Lemmerman also pays close attention to personal qualities and intangible characteristics, such as a player’s ‘’football intelligence,’’ his work ethic, his competitiveness, and his workout habits during the off-season. Traditionally, the record were written by hand and kept in folders, resulting in disarry.player profiles were kept in blue folder in the team’s conference room, medical evaluations were in the trainer’s office, and scouting reports were someplace else. Getting all the critical information on a player was a hopelessly difficult task – and it was only made worse by the fact that until Lemmerman joined the Saints in 1994, much of the recruiting was outsourced. His first mission was to assist in...
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