Organization and Design Structure

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Running head: Organization Design Structure

Organization Design Structure
Jamie White
Grand Canyon University: MGT 605
October 19, 2009

Organization Design Structure
An organization is a unit of people who collectively pursue the achievement of shared goals or objectives continuously through time. It can be composed of individuals or groups, and is structured to distribute and complete tasks toward the collective goal. The design of an organization will determine the organization’s structure needed to accomplish its mission and objectives. The design of each organization is unique to its self and is dependent upon the many different characteristics it has. The structure includes the assignment of roles, authorities, responsibilities, and administration systems. The designed structure of the organization should allow the organization to conduct operational activities and implement strategic plans. The structure must be able to accomplish these tasks in the midst of changes within the organization or outside the organization, in its surrounding environment. When these things cannot be accomplished with in the current structure, then the structure of the organization is inadequate. Organizations may require perpetual adjustments to remain suitable. A couple symptoms of inadequate structure are a lack of opportunities for general managers and an intensive antagonistic work environment. The Design of managerial support systems, the selection of managerial leadership, and degree of formality in each organizational structure must be fitted to the basic structure and to the strategic and operational considerations that suggested the structure in the first place. (Hax & Majluf, 1981, p. 444) General manager development is important because it can have a large impact on the organization’s vitality. The roles of management will change depending on the skills that are needed to manage the organization throughout its lifetime. Managers must be...
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