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Nowadays, organizations usually have at least four characteristics: they are social entities, goal-directed, activities engagement and linked to the external environment. The social entities means that people in an organization are related to each other, if we describe it in depth, we assume that a staff is a unit of the company, a company can composed of many units, like Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, accountant, financial controller or clerk, they are all working in the same workplace and their job duties are surrounding the organization.

An organization is commonly goal-directed. Normally, an organization has at least one goal, without a goal, the company cannot run smooth and effectively in the long-run. For example, Ocean Park’s goal is to provide the guests to have memorable experiences of entertainment and education, and to be the world leader of providing the excellent experiences to all guests. Their mission need a crowd of employees to achieve, the management should have an effective communication with them and specify the clear and full knowledge of what should be done to them.

To achieve the goal, there are many activities need to be managed and coordinated. For instance, the management must recognize the company’s unique resource and capabilities, setting-up an organization structure and decided the strategic management process to reach its goal, for example, division of labor and resource allocation, so it can complete the tasks effectively and efficient. For example, Samsung Electronics Company Limited is emphasized in research and development, the company has set up at least four departments: New product R&D, Marketing, Finance, Operations. Each of the departments at different level of employees will have a set of activities to support the R&D.

All of the Organization is linked to the external environment, they always produce products or services to the external in order to obtain the financial and human resources. In long-run, the...
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