Organised Crime and Terrorism

Topics: Crime, Economics, Criminology Pages: 6 (1854 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Name: Tan Wei Jiang, Shaun (WT052891)

Globalisation & Crime

For the past few decades, globalisation has played a vital role in shaping the face of this world. Be it in terms of travelling, mass communication, commerce, politics, trade and international regulation, we seem to be moving inevitably towards a more ‘compact’ society. A society where almost everything and everyone is interlinked and it seemed to be nearer than ever. The term ‘global village’ has become more and more of a reality. The newest form of globalisation can be labelled as modernisation and consumerism. The influence of modernisation over developing cultures in transition is initially destabilising of custom and tradition and crime is now crucial for this process of destabilisation. (Findlay,1999). Globalisation, modernisation, development, crime and its control are now interrelated in such a consistent fashion so as to significantly influence global culture.

Becker described crime as a rational economic activity, carried out by individuals balancing costs and benefits.(Becker,1968) It also can be inferred that any increase in crime can be attributed to the change in the balance. Consideration of this theme in a sociological framework draws on connection between rising crime and the rapid pace of change in social dynamics. This view is expressed in the criminology theory of Durkheim, Sutherland’s theory of white collar crime and in social analysis by Hirsch on the role of social morality in regulation economic activity.( Lotspeich, 1995)

Objective of paper
In this paper, I will delve into the connection between globalisation and crime. This is dependent on the interrelatedness of crime and globalisation, the way in which globalisation in facts promotes crime and how crime is dependent on globalisation to manifest. To enhance the effects of globalisation on crime, this paper will focus on transition countries where the countries are going through a post-communist transformation. However, there are some important points to take note. One of the more noteworthy news coverage of transition economies is that these countries seem to be more severely plagues with higher levels of criminal activity. This perception may stem from stimulating journalistic reports. Pronouncements by government officials also reflect concern with increased levels of crime. (Lotspeich, 1995). Hence, one should be careful in differentiating the real increases in crime and increased perceptions of it. Technology & Crime

Globalisation has been thus far impactful in worldly functions. It has also inexorably created a positive environment for criminal activity to flourish. Technology developed globally has been both a boon and bane, once abused; it could bring about negative impacts. Most notable is how the world has been compacted through globalisation and through this, criminal activity is augmented. Travelling is made convenient, faster and more comfortable. When modernisation and crime are mentioned in the same context, profit comes into mind. The proliferation of fast, anonymous and relatively safe banking has created an avenue for anyone to safekeep this profit, whether legit or not. Communications and banking activities have all been gone from trading physical commodities to trading electronically. The instantaneous international transactions have allowed the criminals or potential criminals to abuse technology for their own illicit activities.

With the countless possibilities of using electronic transfers, money can now be moved over countries in an instant. Furthermore, certain countries have stringent banking laws on the anonymity of their client’s bank accounts, enabling the criminals to escape through this loophole. Technology, if used inappropriately for illicit purposes, may help encourage crime in this aspect.

Cultural Change & Crime
Immigration figures have increased significantly since the advent of easy travel bringing...
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