Organisational Structure Is a More Effective Focus of Hrm

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  • Published: March 29, 2006
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1. Introduction

Human Resource Management (HRM) has become an integral and growing area in most

business sectors, regardless of how big, or small the company or firm is. Moreover,

company's today rely heavily on HRM practices to function at peak Organisational level and

also sustain a high level of competitiveness, stability, employee satisfaction, and the overall

well being of the organisation. So where should the focus of HRM activity be? The statement

in question, that ‘Organisational Structure ( the physical hierarchy of the company ) is a

more effective ( Inclined to produce better results for the firm ) focus of HRM activity than

Organisational Culture ( the "customs, beliefs, practices, traditions, values and ideologies of

the Organisation") (Nankervis, Compton and Baird, 2002, p. 57). It is both easier to modify,

and has longer-term effects.

In order to decide which is the more ‘effective' focus of HRM activity we will look at each

element (structure and culture) separately to determine its role and impact on, and within the


2. Organisational Structure is a more effective focus of HRM activity than Organisational Culture. It is both easier to modify, and has longer-term effects. Discuss.

The Organisational Structure of a company is the foundation on which employees are

based. Employees are committed to this structure. So what does the Organisational Structure

do?. The ‘Organisational Structure' is the framework in which the ‘organisation' operates, the

levels of hierarchy. Depending on the size of the firm the levels of hierarchy tend to vary. This

needs to be taken into account when modifying the structure, too many modifications may

prevent the structural system from functioning properly. E.g. Introducing new levels of

hierarchy (‘Tall Structure') may create an unstable structure as to many levels of management...
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